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Gentlemen Bastards

by Gentlemen Bastards

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released October 29, 2012




Gentlemen Bastards Bois Colombes, France

L'amitié et la fête auraient pu suffire. Mais un jour de printemps 2010, les futurs Gentlemen Bastards se disent que ce Jam est celui de trop. Ils feront des chansons, leurs chansons. Ils seront un groupe.
Nourris par la vie parisienne et leurs expériences d'élèves du supérieur, les GBs chantent une musique virile, sans détour, et pleine, ils l'espèrent, de surprises... en mode mineur.
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Track Name: The Fall
At the end of a pointless day
You're slowly crawling on your way back home
The lights are wearing your eyes out
You can't remember what this was all about

Back at your place, it feels so cold
You search for the remote control
Familiar faces on the screen
Raping your brain polluting your dreams

Tell me how much more of this can you take
Until you fall apart and break
Acting like you are in control
You looke inside, but you can't find your soul

You gave up on breathing fresh air
You got more debts than you can care to count
Buying is like an old habit
So used to this, you no longer feel the thrill of it

Tell me how much more of this can you take
Until you fall apart and break
Acting like you are in control
You looke inside, but you can't find your soul

You can't see the silver lining
You numb your mind with golden pills
Life's like a game of domino
You pushed the first piece a long, long time ago

Speeding, you broke both your legs on the race
Checking the wrinkles on your face
Aching more and more as you grow old
It's the impact that kills you not the fall.
Track Name: Crippled Butterfly
On the road at night
In a couple hours I might
Just know wich way I'm heading in
Looking for the paradise
I found a time behind her eyes
But now I can't stare beyond her eyelids

How far can I fall
When I used to feel so tall
And I woke to find my seconds passing by
Like landing on a plane
And it wasn't supposed to rain
And you can no longer afford the right to fly

Shining by the lake
A diamond that nobody can take
And the ones who know it all have their back against the wall
Every jump is just a chance to fall

Ringing lullaby
Moaning like a crippled butterfly
It's the same ground beneath your shoes
Doesn't matter which road you choose
At the end everyone's gonna lose

Just a memory
Of a child I used to be
Did he figured things could turn so wrong ?
I still got no way
To escape and run away
And finally change the ryhmes in that old song

Anxiety creeps in
Thoughts of the man I could have been
But I have to keep my hands on the wheel
My plans I always defer
Waiting for times which don't occur
Wishing that somehow time could stand still
Track Name: Stranded
Got a little carried away
But it's not like it matters what everyone's got to say
Cannot see what lies ahead
At times like these, you almost wish you were dead
Take a breath
Let it out
Try to dress
All your doubts
Face the music
And start to dance
Even if it
Doesn't make sense

Cold is the evening when no one's around
Your fingers in your ears but you can't block the sound
Dressed in your golf shoes to walk across the mud
But the drug is no use in this big cruel world

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference, you always crash in the same car
Every decision you make
Has no consequence, it's the same mess when you wake
After the dreams
After the lies
Still Running
A thousand miles
Before the rain
Before the cries
While you're still sane
Open your eyes
Track Name: In Them Eyes
I wanna get some sleep but the moon won't let me
The curve of her lips slowly driving me crazy
I feel all my seconds passing me by as she blinks
As I get pulled under by creepers made of silk
She lured me in a trap I don't want to escape from
In my heart there's a gap whenever she's gone
Memories of angels as I catch her sweet scent
I Knew I was no devil now I know I am no saint

There used to be a path I wanted to follow
And nothin' ever last but I don't want to let go
Light flickers on her skin as she stares into the blur
Looking for something I wish I could give her
Each of her harmless flaunts is like a knife cutting me
Cause everything she wants is everything I can't be
We can't make a pledge, so I just walk in her shadow
On the tiny edge between a yes and a no

You don't know right from wrong when you're between love and lust
And I knew all along I'd finally betray her trust
So I swallow my pride and I cough up my shame
But half my words are lies and the others are in vain
What does she want from me ? To cry the tears of remorse ?
To tell her I'm sorry, that she's the star that leads north ?
Is that the begining of the end or the end of the beginning ?
Should I make amends I ain't even believin' ?

In them eyes... I get crushed under the weight of my years
In them eyes... Everything I believed in disappears
In them eyes... The kind of fire you'd die to be near
When the coldest of nights numbs everything but your fear

In them eyes... I catch a glimpse of all that could have been
In them eyes... I'm on my knees begging for just one more sin
In them eyes... The kind of ocean you dream of drowning in
When the sparks of desire are eating you from within
Track Name: Weeping Around
Weepin' around

Following the lights at the end of the week
Like a rabid dog sniffing as you stroll down the streets
Behind the flickering front, there might be some skin to snatch
No rules to follow, there ain't no referee in this match

So many things you want to ask
But everyone's wearing a mask
Hiding behind a golden grin
At the edge of a question mark
Suddenly, it gets so dark
Your confidence is wearing really thin

After a hundred shots of whisky and a frozen beer
You still can't remember how the hell you got in here
Drowning in your drink and staring into space
Spending every second to try and keep a straight face

You got stuck in the Friday game
But all you got's the dead man's hand
And you don't have any cards left up your sleeve
You feel nervous, you crack a joke
Oh, what you'd give for just one smoke
You're just looking for an excuse to leave

As the night of fading hopes finally comes up to an end
You gotta be a thief or you walk home empty-handed
The spoils of victory belong to the winner
You just hope nobody will find you down the gutter

Well, you reckon you lost your way
Tomorrow feels like yesterday
Every effort don't seem worth the try
You're on the wrong side of the gun
And you're feeling so goddamn dumb
You just want to turn your head and cry
You just want to turn your head and cry
Track Name: Dead End
Layin' on the sidewalk, awaken'd by your own voice
You think about the past, when you still had a choice
You try to reach a bottle, wrapped in yesterday's paper
You stumble then you fall, and you're left to wonder

How quick can things unravel
How shifty is the ground
How sad a joke can be
When you're the one playing the clown
How comfy is concrete
When you don't even want to stand
How fast you can get stuck in a dead end

There used to be a time when you could walk on the wire
When you could taste the sweetness, but now everything's gone sour
Before life was about more than waiting for its demise
Used to feel so strong but now you realize

How easy it is to steal
How hard it is to dance
How stupid you can feel
When you just wasted your last chance
How lonely life can be
When you can't count on a friend
How fast you can get stuck in a dead end

Better to reign in Hell than serve in Paradise
Cause those who got their wings aren't keen on sharing the prize
You wanted their kindness but all you get is their pity
And as you take the last beating, you close your eyes and see

How laughter can turn to cries
How even gold can turn to rust
How the phoenix will never rise
Leaving only ashes and dust
How cruel the world can seem
Where you're left to die in the rain
How fast you can get stuck in a dead end
Track Name: Horizons
Cold intentions
Successful beyond all expectations
Forgetting all of the past impressions
Enthralled by the latest sensation
On the run

Punk sycophants
Badly concealing their real intent
Swarming loudly and waiting for their chance
To join the garden party and to dance
Through the fence

Today I am ready
Just lay your hands on me
We'll say farewell now to our home and our country

Will be scratched from history
Why fight when you can flee ?
Free from meaningless honour and pointless destiny

Pull me over
As I'm drowning into wasted water
Hard to swim with my limbs getting colder
And the clouds are shivering with fire
And thunder

No religion
No god to believe in through the seasons
Waiting for the train to leave the station
On the way to an endless horizon
Track Name: Run
Come, they come
To rob you of your wealth, your home and
Your freedom
In the name of public health, it's just smoke
And mirrors
To divert your attention, to feed
Your terror
As they carry their operation

Night and day
They could seize anyone, nobody
Has a say
The screams don't make a sound, you're so far
From the sun
Already told you twice, baby, you should
Have run
You should
Have run

Hiding behind the curtains
They took their time to suck the blood from your veins
Waiting in line but
Tomorrow will be the day
They'll take everything you hold dear far away
Far away
Don't even stare at the light
Just pack your stuff and go look for a way out
Forget your dreams cause
You may well be the next one
You won't have time to fire a single round
A single round

Run away
And don't ever go back because they're
Here to stay
Make sure they lose your track,
it's a hunting season
And a shallow excuse is a good enough reason
To put you through the abuse

A suit, a tie
A golden grin professing
A hundred thousands lies
A life of King and Queen for the righteous ones
On the trail of the unworthy
They'll put the hounds
They'll put
The hounds
Track Name: Liar's Lament
I make a living selling futures to the bankers and the whores
They come to my old trailer in the baddest part of town
I'm the one they come to see because I tell a better lie,
And I look you in the eye while I do.

And they all want me to see
The rosy things-to-be
The bridesmaids and the dances and the everlasting glee.
Well I may be a liar,
But I ain't no fraud
I peeked into your futures and they all look grim and cold.

I spend my evenings walking down in the backstreets of the port
I sell my youth to any beggar who has the coin for half an hour
I like to hear the sailor's stories and the married men's tale of woe
But I never see their eyes while I do.

And they all want me to be
The one they'll never see
The matron or the slave-girl filled with joy and ectasy
But while I may be a walker,
Well I'm no fraud.
I've heard all about your pasts, they make me feel empty and cold.

My days are spent in silent prayer, and in the evening I do preach
Tell my flock of all the riches they'll be treated with in death
And then I watch them leave my temple, back to run the old rat-race
And I can't bear their empty face when I do.

And they all want me to sing
Of the greatness death will bring
The tin crown of salvation and the fiery angel-kings
But while I may say my prayers
Well I'm no fraud
I know they'll all be screaming when the angels walk our roads.